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National Security Briefing with Commodore Jerry Kyd Royal Navy

NSB with Commodore Kyd (full article for download)

By: CAPT Ted Mason, USN (Ret.)

On Thursday, November 10th, Navy Leaguers and Morgan Stanley personnel enjoyed one of the best national security briefings yet when Commodore Jerry Kyd, Royal Navy, Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth (the first of two new British a/c carriers) briefed us at a breakfast hosted by Morgan Stanley. The Commodore came to NYC a day early to speak to us before being a guest speaker at a dinner hosted by the American Friends of The National Museum of Royal Navy.  
What made the briefing unusually good was the Commodore's engaging style, a free flow of questions and answers and the number observations offered under Chatham House rules. If you want to be “in the know”, attend our seminars!
The Commodore addressed a number of subjects:
• the special relationship between the UK and the US
• UK defense spending at 2% of GNP;
• Royal Navy growth (submarines, frigates, carriers), for first time in years;
• the differences between HMS Queen Elizabeth and our Nimitz Class CVNs and US/UK technology   sharing;
• Trust, built over decades between the U.S. & UK, which is so important when the chips are down;
• How national wealth and prosperity depend upon a nation’s Navy;
• "Sea Blindness" by civilians to the importance of sea power given the recent focus on "land wars"     and "terrorism";
• the Arctic's great future importance
• Congested/contested/confused ocean sectors and sea lanes;
• Exponential growth of the Navy tasking;
• Problems in the Mediterranean;
• the Importance of Navy/Marine Corps joint capability when uncommitted and offshore;
• the importance of survivability in ship design.
Given these considerations, and others not enumerated here, the Commodore reminds us all that we have not really fought a major battle at sea since WWII. Of course for the UK, the Falklands tested some of the relevant capabilities and values.
While walking the Commodore back to his quarters, I remarked, “the Royal Navy Officer Evaluation system incorporated a criterion I really liked - the word "zeal" - does an Officer demonstrate "zeal" in getting his job done?” He said, “You will like another criterion we use - "effective intelligence"; the question being is an Officer applying his intelligence effectively in accomplishing the mission?” We have borrowed a lot from the British Navy in the past; maybe we should borrow a bit more.

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